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Jersey City's Version of Dark Shadows?
Hudson County Fact:
This is from a thirty year old campaign flyer:
"Jordan-Macchi administration, in desperation, was ready to sell out our priceless waterfront for dangerous chemical-oil tank farms, until they were beaten by an outraged public."

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A post from the
Jersey City -- Our Living Legacy Message Board
History, Geneaology and Re-uniting with Friends and Relatives
I am looking for my biological mother DONNA STRANG! BIRTH FATHER WAS FRANKIE DEPAULA

Bret Schundler's Big Win
Bret Schundler's Big Win

Don't say New Jersey wasn't warned about James McGreevey!
2001 Schundler for Governor Press Release Archive

Hudson County Hate Monger Hal Turner
Faces Purple Heart Veteran Jaime Vazquez in Court

Jim McGreevey vs. Bret Schundler
The 2001 Race for Governor of New Jersey

City Hall Web Wall

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Bret Schundler’s Jersey City
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Kay Licausi's Gold Mine?
Former Aide to Congressman Robert Menendez Gets hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees.

Robert Menendez Links

The George Norcross Tapes
Online Audio and Transcripts

Intellectual Predator
Shines the Light of Reason
on New Jersey Politics

Judge Alito's Connection with Jersey City
ACLU vs. Schundler

Bush, Cheney, Corzine, McGreevey, Gun Control, Abortion, the Supreme Court, the War, ... -- YOU pick the topic!
All Politics Are Loco

Steve Fulop
Jersey City Ward E Councilman

Jersey City Remembers
Glenn Cunningham

The Cunningham - Menendez Feud

Robert Menendez

2004 Special Election
Online Audio and Video

Send Your Press Releases

Assembly Speaker
Albio Sires

Hudson County Voting Guide

The Story: Names in the News

Online Audio:
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Paul Byrne

Political Cartoons

The John V. Kenny Era

Dave Friedland

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Hudson County Facts

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Absolut Vodka Twist billboard
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The Crown Jewel in a Massive Recreational Complex

A Maestro of the Criminal Justice System

Roger Chugh: New Jersey Governor McGreevey's Close Confidant

The New Jersey Mafia

Jersey City / Hoboken Art Scene

Learn All About Jersey City's Many Fine Neighborhoods

"Our Computers Don't Make Mistakes"

George Washington to Run for Office!

NJ Governor James McGreevey
A Miserable Failure

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